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CHEMICAL IN THE EYE:  If you accidentally splashed a cleaning agent or chemical into your eyes, try to flush your eyes with clean water for several minutes.  Do not instill any "get the red out" drops or Visine into your eyes.  Remove your contacts if you are wearing any and call our office immediately to be seen by our doctor.


FOREIGN OBJECT:  If you think you have a piece of metal, glass, debris, or foreign object in your eye, do NOT press or rub your eyes.  Try to flush the eyes with saline solution or contact lens solution.  If these solutions are not available, flush the eyes with cool, clean water.  Do not self medicate with any over-the-counter eye drops. If the feeling of "something in the eye" still persists, call our office to be seen by our doctor.   


CONTACT STUCK IN EYE: If after numerous failed attempts, you still cannot remove the lens, stop touching your eye.  Instill several drops of moisturizing artificial tears into the eye for comfort.  Do not try to remove the contact anymore.  Do not instill any "get the red out" drops or Visine into your eyes.  Call our office to schedule an emergency office visit so you can be seen by our doctor.


(This information is for general educational purposes only.   It is not a substitute for medical advice.   Always consult a doctor with questions about your individual condition(s) and/or circumstances.)


An eye-related emergency is something that can have a huge impact on your vision, thus requiring prompt medical treatment.  Our office is fully equipped to handle any ocular emergency and our doctor uses the most advanced technology to help diagnose and treat your emergency.  Dr. Anh Jibben lives in Fountain Hills and is available to see patients Monday through Friday.  In most cases, visiting our office is faster than going to a hospital.  If you cannot reach us during normal business hours, call 911 for immediate care. 


If you are having any of the following symptoms, call us today.

·        Streaks of flashes

·        Seeing floaters or “black spots”

·        Cuts on or around the eye

·        Exposure to chemicals to the eye

·        Foreign object in the eye

·        Double vision

·        Sudden onset of blurry vision

·        Swollen or red, painful eye

·        Discharge present in the eye

·        Contact lens stuck in the eye

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