To help expedite the registration process, you may choose from one of the two options to complete your health information:

  1. Submit patient information online (select online patient portal below).

  2. Print out documents & bring them with you on the day of the exam (select PDF files below).




1.  Select the blue online patient portal button below.

2. This will take you to another screen.

3.  Existing Patients:  Enter password under "EXISTING USER" (Password required, call the office to obtain).  Once in the system, review your previous data history and update any new or missing information.  Once completed, select submit.


4. New Patient:  select "New Patient Page" highlighted in blue.  This will take you to another screen labeled the "Online Patient Form."  Fill in all fields as complete as possible.  Then scroll to the bottom of the screen and select the tab "SUBMIT DATA" button.


In order to save time during your appointment and help expedite the registration process,

please follow the instructions listed below.


  1. Select the PDF forms below and download them to your computer.

  2. Fill out the patient forms as completely as possible.

  3. Print the completed forms and bring them to your appointment.

  4. If you have Vision Benefits, please make sure you bring the insurance card with you.